Group Exercise & Training

Women's Fitness Club - Alta Loma, California (909) 980-7487Are you looking for a little variety and excitement in your workout program? Jump into one of our group exercise classes for a great workout! Women’s Fitness Club offers a variety of classes to meet the needs and wants of our members.

Our certified instructors are always ready to encourage and help new participants. Check out our Group Exercise Schedule for times and classes and also our definitions page for description of the classes and fitness level.

Whether your personal fitness goal is to lose body fat, improve your shape/appearance, boost energy or simply feel great our personal trainers are committed to helping you achieve maximum results. Our personal trainers were selected for their education and their experience in the field of exercise science. Through inspiration, care and accountability our trainers will teach you to workout correctly and help guide you on the path of success.

We, at Women’s Fitness Club want to help you reach your fitness goals. We don’t believe in fad diets or quick fixes. We believe in living a physically active life, exercising correctly and eating well. Most of all, we believe that investing in a personal trainer is the quickest and most effective way to accomplish your fitness goals.

Women’s Fitness Club offers one on one personal training, small group personal training and Gravity group training.

Boot Camp Training

Women’s Fitness Club is excited to be one of the first and only clubs in the area to offer Trx Boot Camp Group Training. Trx suspension training is the newest and hottest thing in the fitness industry. Suspension training is an intense, energetic full body workout with alot of emphasis on core work.

Women’s Fitness will incorporate TRX Suspension training into their new women only Boot Camp. This training will have the benefits of personal training along with the energy of an aerobics class setting.

One on One Training

Women’s Fitness Club offers a variety personal training packages to fit your own personal fitness goals and needs. Here are our most popular:

Quick Start Package:

This package is designed for women who are considering personal training or who need a new routine to break through a fitness plateau. The Quick Start Program includes a Full Body Age Assessment and three sessions with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. Following the three sessions your Personal Trainer will provide you with a personalized workout designed to help you meet your fitness goals.

24 Session Package + 2 Free:

This program includes a Full Body Age Assessment and 25 one on one training sessions with a Personal Trainer. This package is designed to last approximately two months depending upon your training schedule. This package allows the ideal amount of time needed to begin to see real progress toward reaching the goals you’ve set.

Month to Month Training:

Our month to month plans are for women who want to work with a trainer for an extended period of time. Month-to-Month training offers a savings over our per session packages and gives you the option to meet with your trainer two or three times a week for as long as needed.

Gravity Group Training

Gravity Group Training is a fun and innovative program that provides full body conditioning through resistance training and/or Pilates. In small groups, your training sessions are monitored for maximum results in just 30 minutes.
The Gravity System uses a percentage of your own body weight as the resistance factor. They are easily adjustable which makes it accessible for beginners and challenging enough for the more fit. Another great benefit of the Gravity System is that you are on a movable glide board which requires stabilization through the use of your core muscles. The Gravity System exercise equipment and fitness programs are the leading edge choices for Rehabilitation, Personal Training and Pilates.

Gravity Group Training allows any one to enjoy the benefits of personal training at a reduced cost. In our Gravity Groups there can be up to four women with one trainer which brings the cost down, but still allows for one on one attention. It also provides a high energy, fun atmosphere while providing great results.

Women’s Fitness Club offers a 5 session, 10 session or a 15 session packages for our Gravity Group Training. Gravity Groups meet twice a week at your chosen time slot.

Small Group Personal Training

It is scientifically proven that working out with a partner/friend can improve your success rate in weight loss and fitness. That fact is one of the reasons why Women’s Fitness Club introduced small group personal training. Your small group can be just you and your best friend or it can be you, your best friend, your mom and your sister. You get all the benefits of working out with a personal trainer and the added fun and energy of doing it along side your friends and family.

Women’s Fitness Club offers an 8 session package for as low as $19 per session.


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